Woman of Steele
Add this to the list of bars I am never going to…

This lovely placard is outside a bar called The Subway in my neighborhood.  Now, I sometimes have a similar sense of humor to your average 12 year old boy.  My friend Mike was once giving me driving directions to the venue formerly known as Deer Creek Amphitheater in Noblesville, Indiana (Phish tour, obvi), and he told me that I had to get on Route 69, but that I then would have to get off really quickly.  Well I about lost it, and much to Mike’s chagrin, as it took me a while to compose myself so that he could finish (okay, i’m cracking up again) giving me directions.  HOWEVER, something about these two signs, specifically the first one, just scream Date Rape.  It implies that a naked, vulnerable, blacked out women is somehow okay.  Yes it’s a sign; a sign of the rape culture we live in.

(photos taken by the lovely Susan Grossman)

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