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Architecture in Helsinki- Heart It Races

From 2007’s Places Like This which had a very, very limited Reissue for Record Store Day.

Do you have Wild Flag? How Bout You?: My Sucusseful, Unsucessful Record Store Day.

This was my first year celebrating Record Store Day, which was founded in 2007 as a “celebration of the unique culture surrounding over 700 independently owned record stores” and the art of music.  The holiday takes place the third Saturday of every April, and as I’m not going home for Passover and don’t support nationalism (I do support my mom’s brisket, however), it was perfect timing

I had an extremely modest record collection in college that mostly consisted of Grateful Dead albums because I loved hearing Jerry Garcia’s voice on vinyl (I probably should have realized this would extend to most other artists and bands, but college is about not realizing things, as much as it is about learning others).  I became aware of Record Store Day when I read that the Wild Flag debut LP would be made available exclusively on/for Record Store Day.  I signed up for the cause right then and there.  For the uninitiated (both to my blog and to the band), Wild Flag is a newly-formed super group, made up of Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney, and their fellow friends/amazing musicians, Mary Timony and Rebecca Cole.  I waited. I even told Matt McCormick how excited I was.  I waited some more…and then, it was Record Store Day Eve!

I greeted Record Store Day a little less than enthusiastically, due to tequila at TWISUPBASS in Brooklyn the night before (Braille Sounds, who is Praveen of Sepalcure and Percussion Lab, killed it by the way).  It was also grey, windy, cold and rainy, a winning combination all around.  By the time I made it into my first record store, Generation Records in Greenwhich Village, Wild Flag Future Crimes 7” was long sold out.  I felt dejected.  This was all going wrong.  It’s my first Record Store Day!  I didn’t know!, I wanted to yell out.  Luckily, something happened. 

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