Woman of Steele

Recognize that you are not the center of the universe.

Figure out how the idea of winning and losing fits into your relationships.

Recognize vulnerability and empathy as strengths.

Don’t allow the fact that other people have been assholes to you make you into a bitter and abusive person.

Commit to the revolution as a method of psychological and physical survival.

riot grrrl zine #2, 1991

(reprinted in Girls To the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution by Sara Marcus)

Courtesy of my friend Holly, now running fuckyeahjdsamson.

Courtesy of my friend Holly, now running fuckyeahjdsamson.

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Human Song- Mindtroll

I was chatting with Zane from Mindtroll at the Permanent Wave Slutwalk benefit show last night, and while I can’t remember exactly how he described the band (was it dork punk?), I am loving the totally accurate description on their facebook page as “not unlike the angriest children’s choir.”  I am newly obsessed with Human Song because, like, it is really hard to be a human.  Their music has an excellent sense of humor, clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet manages to cover some pretty serious stuff.rache

On “Who Took The Bomp: Le Tigre On Tour”

Sunday night, Oscilloscope Laboratories and Ace hotel hosted a free screening of Who Took the Bomp: Le Tigre on Tour.  The aforementioned Manhattan cool kids/hip tourists spot lived up to it’s reputation to this first time visitor (though showing free movies on Sunday is a pretty great way to cozy up to me).  It was my second time seeing the film, and if you didn’t see Le Tigre live, like me, this is certainly the next best thing.  However, the risk of making such a statement is that it could downplay that the film, directed by Kerthy Fix, is also an insightful, funny, and well-made documentary that stands on its own as a great example of non-fiction story telling (so luckily I included that qualifier!).

Of course, loving Le Tigre’s music or feminism doesn’t hurt, but even if you don’t know about the band or feminism, there’s a good chance you are going to come away with a love of, an appreciation for, and at the least, knowledge of both (half the battle, right?), thanks in large part to the fact that the women of Le Tigre, Kathleen Hanna, Joanna Fateman, and JD Samson are charming, funny and endearing people on which to base a film.  And while I want to say that the trio make excellent spokespeople for feminism, I really can’t because no one person can speak for the movement, or even three people who make rad beats, but they can certainly give a glimpse into what it means to be a feminist and a feminist artists, and that’s something that is often not shown.  Not only is feminism often treated like a four letter word, frankly, it’s just as often misunderstood (and the two, of course, go hand in hand).  Also, when most movies don’t pass The Bechdel test, it’s BEYOND refreshing to see a film featuring more than two women, who do indeed talk to each other, and not about men, unless of course the men to which they refer are touring with them and expressing a strong desire to do battle with a shark.

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(via Guerrilla Feminism via Chicago Slutwalk)

(via Guerrilla Feminism via Chicago Slutwalk)

Protest Planned Friday Against Acquittal Of Cops Charged With Rape

"If you’re outraged by the “not guilty” verdict handed down today in the trial of two NYPD officers accused of raping a drunk East Village woman in her home, there will be a demonstration Friday outside the Manhattan Criminal Court building at 100 Centre Street. It’s set to take place from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.” (Gothamist)

Hey there, punk singer.
(Kathleen Hanna on xoJane)

Hey there, punk singer.

(Kathleen Hanna on xoJane)

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Wild Flag- Future Crimes

From the band’s debut 7” LP, which I spent almost the entirety of Record Store Day chasing after.  I never did find it, but according to Wild Flag’s Facebook page, they are opening up for Sonic Youth on the Williamsburg Waterfront on August 12th!!!

I mean, Carrie Brownstein, you are my Thurston Moore (and my Joey Ramone too).

Bikini Kill - Feels Blind
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Bikini Kill- Feels Blind

Summer in Olympia: Kill Rock Stars 20th Anniversary Record Store Day Reissue